Meetings: Minutes and Agendas

Parish Council meetings take place on a monthly basis (except for December and August).

Dates of meetings can be found on the calendar pages of this website.

Meetings are open to the public and there are 15 minutes given to members of the public at the start of each meeting.

Minutes are put onto the website after each Parish Council meeting.

Minutes and Agendas for April 2021-march 2022

Agenda July 2021

Minutes meeting June 2021 Draft

Agenda June 2021

Minutes May Annual General meeting 2021

Agenda Annual General Meeting May 2021

Agenda April 2021

Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 2021 April

Minutes and Agendas for April 2020-march 2021

Minutes March 2021 Draft

Agenda March 2021

Minutes February 2021 Draft

Agenda Feb 2021

Minutes January 2021 draft

Agenda January 2021 

Minutes November 2020

Agenda November 2020

Minutes October 2020

Agenda October 2020

Minutes September 2020 

Agenda September 2020

Minutes July 2020 

Agenda July 2020

Minutes June 2020

Agenda and Zoom Details June 2020

Minutes May 2020

 May Agenda and Zoom Details

Minutes and Agendas 2019-2020

Minutes Feb 2020

Agenda February 2020

Public Agenda January 2020


Public Agenda – January 2019

Minutes – January 2019

Minutes – February 2019.doc

Minutes – March 2019

Public Agenda May ACM 2019

Minutes – April 2019

Public agenda June 2019

Minutes May ACM 2019

Minutes June 2019

Public Agenda July 2019

Minutes July 2019

Public Agenda September 2019