Council Members

 King’s Stanley Parish Council – Members


Lawrie Hall 

Goat Cottage  Greencourt  Middleyard  King’s Stanley  GL10 3QH                                                                   Tel: 822150                         email:  

Member of KSPC’s Planning Advisory Group and Resources Advisory Group

Elected member of  KS&S Trust

Vice Chair

Wendy McNamee – Kingston House  High Street  King’s Stanley GL10 3JF                                                   Tel: 828179


Representative of KSPC on the King’s Stanley Village Hall Committee


Carol Bell Pearce – 5 Church Street King’s Stanley GL10 3HW                                                                         Tel: 455212


Representative of KSPC on KS&S Trust

John Graham – The Cedars  Penn Lane  Middleyard  King’s Stanley GL10 3PX                                            Tel: 823351

Advises on local footpath issues as a Parish Warden and Cotswold Way Warden. Looking at Selsley Common issues.

David Owen – Falkland Lodge  Selsley West  Stroud Gl5 5LJ                                                                             Tel:826826


Member of KSPC’s Resources Advisory Group. Advises on Asset Register.

Assists with local footpath issues as a Parish Warden and Cotswold Way Warden.

Symon Parsley – Stream Farm  Middleyard   King’s Stanley GL10 3QQ                                                          Tel: 791982


Member of KSPC’s Planning Advisory Group

Representative of KSPC on the KS&S Trust as a trustee

Colin Vigar – Mill View  Selsley Hill   Selsley   Stroud   GL5 5JS                                                              Tel: 07901731668


Member of KSPC’s Planning Advisory Group

Wendy Weaver – 13 Crown Court King’s Stanley  Gl10 3JP                                                                                  Tel: 828173


Representative on Marling Trust as a trustee. Member of Planning Advisory Group.

Lesley Williams  – Orchardene Castle Street  King’s Stanley  GL10 3JX                                                          Tel: 822684


County Cllr for Stonehouse

District Councillors

Steve Lydon – Marsh Court  Marsh Road  Leonard Stanley  GL10 3NG                                                      Tel: 824764

Nigel Studdert-Kennedy – Woodside Farm  Woodside Lane  King’s Stanley  GL10 3LA                      Tel: 821491

County Councillor

Steve Robinson – GCC  Shire Hall Gloucester GL1 2TG 

King’s Stanley Parish Council – Officer

Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Carmel Ponsford – 07498066697

Manages Parish Council business and finances on a day to day basis

Parish Office: Mondays 9.30am to 110.00am in Lounge Room of  King’s Stanley Village Hall (Currently being held via zoom due to COVID19, see events for zoom info)